These crime prevention books were written to help keep youth out of the prison system and help them make it back home alive.  Give one to a youngster you know and help save a life and a future.  All books are $12.00 except This is Not Cool Volume I, which is $10.00.

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This Is Not Cool, Volumes I & II contains a series of short stories that tell, clearly and directly, how one bad choice can have lifetime tragic consequences.  The stories are short, clear, and show the urgent need to educate our young people about the consequences of their actions.  Every young person can relate to the stories because of thier own experience or that of someone they know.  They will learn the importance of making a decision about they “will not do” before they leave home.


Keeping Youth Ouf Of Prison gives the younster a step by step guide of how to avoid the system and how to make it back home alive.  It provide parents with the information they need to help prison-proof their children and avoid the heartache and sorrow parents suffer when their children end up in the system.  It’s a lot cheaper, and takes less time to help keep them out.  Once in, they may never get out.


Thirty-Five Years On Death Row is a true story about a man who was sentenced to death at the age of 18.  He moved a little closer to realizing his hope of walking out of prison when he had been there 35 years.  He actually served 38 years on death row and was resentenced to life with the possibility of parole in August 2015.  You don’t want to miss his story – How he ended up on death row, the mistakes he made, how he changed his life, his fight for relief and his plans for the future.


All books are $12.00 except This is Not Cool Volume I, which is $10.00.

Shipping is always FREE.

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