This section consists of books to help you get started in business, develop your estate plan, and write and publish your book. 
WHAT YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE YOU START A BUSINESS arms you with the information you need before starting a business, buying an existing business, and can help you better manage your existing business.  Starting a business doesn’t have to be difficult, but you must take the proper steps BEFORE you plunk down your money to rent a building. This book is a blueprint for business success.
DEPARTING THIS LIFE PREPARATIONS is written in everyday language and is easy to understand.  It gives you everything you need to know to get your personal and business affairs in order while you are in your “right mind” and on this side of the “River.”   It will show you how to take steps that will make it easy for your family members to “keep going” when you are no longer around.  You can only accomplish that with proper planning. No planning, or improper planning, can lead to bitterness and alienation of family members for years. That happens too often, don’t let it happen to your loved ones.  A few simple steps can prevent untold hardship, disappointment, and bitterness among family members.  Ask me how I know.
HOW TO WRITE A BOOK MADE SIMPLE will give you the steps to “get started” with your dream of writing your book.  The most frequent question asked by aspiring writers is “How do I get started writing a book?”   This book will answer those questions and a whole lot more. If you don’t tell your story, it won’t be told. So, don’t wait any longer – today is the day to get started and this is the tool you need to get started.
                All books are $12.00 (Plus postage)
ADD $2.50 FOR SHIPPING in the United States – Outside the U. S. please email
                 claraking747@gmail.com for the shipping amount.
                 TO ORDER BOOKS
                  BY MAIL:
Send check or money order for books to:
  •            Clara Hunter King
  •             P. O. Box 360164
  •             Decatur, GA 30036
                     BY PAYPAL:
Pay at: claraking747@gmail.com
Call 404-448-3132 for additional information
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